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Post Graduate, Degree, Diploma & Certificate Course

IMPORTANT NOTE: From the current academic year 2012-13 there is possibility of increase in fees. It is obligatory for the students to pay increased fees.

Fees Per Term:

Full Time Courses:

Tuition Fees:

  1. Rs. 2000/-  M.F.A. Applied Art.
  2. Rs. 2000/- M.F.A. Painting.
  3. Rs. 1500/-  B.F.A. Applied Art.
  4. Rs. 1500/-  B.F.A. Textile Design
  5. Rs. 1500/-  B.F.A. Painting.
  6. Rs. 500/-    Art Teacher Diploma.

Short Term Courses:
Tuition Fees:

  1. Rs. 1000/-  Art Master Vocational Course

Other Fees:

  1. Rs.200/-     Extracurricular activities per year for Full time courses.
  2. Rs.100/-     Rent of Locker per annum.
  3. Rs.50/-              College Identity Card.
  4. Rs.800/-     Caution Money.

University Fees:

  1. Rs. 05/-     Eligibility form Fees.
  2. Rs. 50/-     Eligibility Fees (For 1st year Only) (Only for Marathwada) or Rs. 100/-    (Out of Marathwada) or Rs. 500/-    (Out of Maharashtra State)
  3. Rs. 10/-     Student Welfare Fees.
  4. Rs. 350/-    Social Gathering Fees per annum.
  5. Rs. 69/-     Sports Fees & Other Fees (Prescribed by University)
  6. Rs. 10/-     Emergency Fees.
  7. Rs. 50/-     E-mail facility Fees (For 1st Year Only)
    All fees, are payable in cash only. No cheques, money orders will be accepted. The fees will be accepted in the office between 10.30 a.m. To 2.00 p.m. on all working days.
    The students willing to continue in their courses should pay the fees immediately after the results are declared. The First Term should be paid at the time of fresh admission and before 30th June in case of continuing students. The Second Term Fees should be paid before 30th December of each year.
    Caution Money – All students have to pay Rs…………. as caution money while taking fresh Admission to college.
    Note – Original Certificate will be verified while Seeking Admission, incomplete Application Form will not be considered for Admission.


          Tuition fees paid by the students at the time of admission to the Institute will be refunded in the following circumstances to the extent indicated below subject to the condition that a written application for the refund of fees is submitted by the student concerned to the swiss replica watches head of the Institution :-

    (1) Fifty percent of the first installment of the term’s fees actually paid will be refunded if
    student leaves the Institute within fortnight of his joining the Institute.
    (2) The whole of the first installment of fees will be forfeited to Government if a student leaves 
    the Institute after the above period.
    (3) The whole amount of tuition fees actually paid will be refunded to a student who-(i) Has been admitted provisionally but whose admission is subsequently cancelled. (ii) Leaves the Institute to join a Degree-Diploma Course in Engineering, Science,
    Technology or a similar professional course of study, provided that –
    (ii-a) At the time of applying for admission the student intimates in writing that he intends to apply or has actually applied for admission to one or more professional courses of study;
    (ii-b) Makes a written application for refund of fees to the Head of the Institute within one fortnight form the date of his admission to replica watches uk the professional course of study. The 
    application in such cases should be accompanied by a certificate from the head of he
    Professional Institution actually joined by rolex replica the student stating therein the date of his application for admission to that institution and the date of his admission to that institution.

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