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Here we are inserting all the facilities like computer setup, animation studio, Illustration Studio, Library with old and letst updated book and master collection, Highteck Jackard Machine Tecnology for textile Department, Updated Print Making Department for Painting, Updated photographi studio with letest technology.

              A study excursion tour of students is arranged every year under the guidance of the members of the staff to some places of educational or cultural importance.
           The ‘Rang-Re-kha’, a Representative Body of the Students devoted to educational, cultural and sports activities, organizes Lecturers, Demonstrations, and Exhibitions, film Show, Seminars and Sport activities for the benefit of the students.
(a)  Every student of the college must have an identity card which is supplied by the college on payments of Rs.100.
(b)  A passport size (3cm x 4cm) latest Photograph of the student must be produced for the
identity card by the student concerned.
(c)  Students must carry their Identity Cards with them and produce the same at the time of payment of fees or on demand by any member of the replica watches staff of the College.
(d)  The student should communicate to the College Authorities, if any change in their address.
(e)  Any misuse of Card will be deal with severely.
(f)  If the Identity Card is lost or misplaced, the student concerned must apply in writing within three days after the loss. Duplicate Identity Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50/- If, however, the students fail to apply for Duplicate Card within the prescribed period and if the authorities are not satisfied with the swiss replica watches explanation for the delay, the student will be fined Rs.50/- in addition to the replica watches uk charge for the Duplicate Identity Card.

Government of India Scholarships
         Government of India Scholarships to the B.C. Students The scheme of grant of Government of India Scholarships to the Backward Class Students (S.C./ST/NT/VJ) for post S.S.C. Courses is implemented by the Director of Social Welfare, Maharashtra State, Pune. The backward Class Students undertaking approved post S.S.C. Courses are considered eligible for the Government of India scholarships according to the revised rules.
         There are other Educational concessions such as Concessions to the Children of the Freedom Fighters, Primary Teacher, Economically Backward Classes, and Orthopedically handicapped Students. Etc. sanctioned either by the State or Central Government on the terms and conditions specified every year. Students are advised to see the office in respect of the award of various Educational Concessions from time to time.
         The merit scholarships and free-studentships have been sanctioned by the government for the various Departments. The ratio of the scholarships will be 6 percent and free studentship 10 percent of the students in each class.
        Cash prizes of Rs. 500, 300 & 200 will be awarded by the Government of Maharashtra one each in the Departments of (i)Painting, (ii) Applied Art, (iii)Textile Design  & (iv) Teachers Training  to the students whose work are adjudged best at the Annual Exhibition.
          Two fellowships are awarded annually in the Departments of Painting, Applied Art & Textile Design each to the students who are at top in merit list (minimum Second Class) in BFA Final Examination in the said Courses.
          There will be Terminal & University exam for Degree Courses. There will be Terminal & Government Examinations for Diploma Courses.
          Sectional Marks include the marks obtained by the student in the subject concerned taking into account the total achievement of the student in the College Examinations, his class work and the tutorials. The students have to execute prescribed number of assignments every year as per the syllabus.

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